Terry Myers wrote

My dogs love Mate and so do I! I have two dogs (Sammi and Barney) and he treats them like they where his own. They love their walkies with him and I know he is very sensitive to their needs.

I travel a lot and feel very lucky to have someone like Mate to take care of them. It is very reassuring to know that my dogs are being well looked after by someone who is clearly very fond of dogs and who understands that leaving your dog in someone else's care involves a lot of trust.

Here is an example. One time I was scheduled to go on a trip and Barney was just getting over being sick. I knew Mate would pay special attention to him and if there were problems, do whatever necessary to make sure Barney was okay.

I believe Mate goes over and above your average dog sitter and I would happily recommend him to anyone who needs a dog walker or boarder for any amount of time.
Terry Myers

Terry Myers


Susanne Sorge recommends

I found my dog Skille 3 years ago in Greece and Brought him over to London to stay with me. Having put him through a very stenous - and at times frightening - process, I wanted only the absolut best for him in his life.

I work long hours and often have to go a way for a few days, so I needed someone that I could rely on 100% when I am not around. Mate and his team tick every one of my boxes and I have made mine and most importantly Skille' life stress-free, easy and happy.

I can confidently say that I would recommend the Dog Service to anyone who needs a helping hand with their dog.
Whilst being extremly reliable, organised, trustworthy and loving with animals, Mate also has a very good business sense which provides the assurance that he is going to be around also in the long-run.

Mate and his Dog Service team look after Skille 5 days a week and have done a great job so far.
If he could, I am sure skille would sign this.
Susanne Sorge

Susanne Sorge


Gerry Galagher recommends

For the last few years, Mate Fulop and his dog walking team have been essential in my day-to-day life. Each morning my Welsh Terrier Tullah is picked up from home and spends a couple of hours being exercised and then is dropped off at my office. She loves Mate and his team more than me and rightly so. They fuss over and spoil her with attention and love. If she needs to see a vet or there are any other issues with her, they are straight on the phone to let me know and discuss the options. I highly recommend their reliable, efficient and thoroughly professional service.
Gerry Galagher

Gerry Galagher